Pyrokinesis Attempt 1

Pyrokinesis Attempt 1

Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate flames. This is another well known kinetic ability. 


Here's a list of things you need

  1. A candle
  2. Will
  3. Visualization skills
  4. Energy manipulation
  5. Time to train


First, what you wanna do is meditate for 10 - 15 minutes. Meditation is more important than you think. Then charge your body/aura with energy. After a good 10 - 5 minutes of charging it's ok to begin. Light the candle that you have. Now, extend your aura across the room. Focus, feel that you are everything within your aura. You are the flame, and the flame is you. Now, if you wanna challenge, with your will alone, try to turn off the flame [ visualize it turning off while willing it.] If you don't want that, focus on your aura, and try to make the aura turn off the flame. You can also do the same by using your chi/psi.

Turning on a flameEdit

WARNING: Don't do this until you can do the above with ease, and train this technique the most, so you dont randomly set stuff on fire. This can happen when you get extremelly angry. It rarely happens but "better safe then sorry."

To turn on a flame, simply do what you did in the above excercise, but in the "opposite direction". To turn it off, you might make your energy cold. The goal here is to heat up the candle piece so it ignites. Just feel that small part getting hotter, while visualizing the particles speed up. With enough time, it should ignite.