How to make a chi ball

How to make a chi ball


Ergokinesis is another name for Energy Manipulation (EM.) If you wanna do a kinetic ability, like telekinesis, its recomended that you start here.

Things you'll needEdit

  1. Will
  2. Patience
  3. Visualization
  4. Ability to meditate for long periods of times
  5. Time to train

(Can you guess what the picture is? chi ball, aura ball, or psi ball? Answer at the bottom of page.) ->


To start off, meditate for 30 minutes. For 10 minutes, meditate on your aura, for 10 more minutes, meditate on the thiird eye, for 10 finall minutes, meditate on the dan tien. After this, visualize one of the three energies and continue to breath in and breath out. Just try to feel these energies.


Visualize the energy in your dan tien moving up as you breath in. visualize it go down your arms as you breath out and form a ball in between your hands. 


Visualize the above, but this time, the energy will come from an indigo orb in the middle of your forehead called the Third Eye. It is one of the 7 chakras. Visualize the energy going to your hands as you breath out. Visualize the enrgy forming a ball in between your hands as you breath in.


Rub your hands together.Once they feel nice and toasty, hold palms together and line up the fingers. After this slowly begin pulling your hands apart until you feel a pushing or a pulling sensation (some people feel one, while other people feel the other). Usually this occurs when your hands are about four to eight inches apart.

How to push things with energyEdit

Now I know what your thinking, "isn't this just telekinesis?" Well, technically, thats a yes, but this is a bit different. The goal in telekinesis is to move objects with your energy. The goal here however, is to simply make your energy stronger. get a card if you can, and bend it like the following picture. Once that is done, make an energy ball. Then charge it. When you make an energy ball, you should never rush. You should slowly allow the energy to flow into a good, densed ball. After that, attempt to knock the paper / card from a distance by shooting the ball at the paper. Once you can shoot a paper / card down, try getting abit heavier. I'm sure you can find a way to pull objects with enough expirence. The photo was a chi ball

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