Playing With Nature (aerokinesis)-0

Playing With Nature (aerokinesis)-0

Aerokinesis is the fun and cool ability to manipulate air. People think this isn't a very good kinesis, but it is if you know how to use the air correctly.


What you will need

  1. Air
  2. Space, maybe sit in an empty park, etc
  3. Good sense of touch
  4. Time to train


Firstly, to develop this ability, you should just meditate in a space, with a nice breeze. Feel the breeze, feel at one with it. Then, after a while, feel that you are the air itself. Now is the hard part, now that you feel like you are the air, try to "move yourself." use  your touching sense to feel the air moving the way you want. With this technique, you can make an air ball, develop other techniques, etc.